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  • Your estimate does not include sales tax.
  • The MGW is listed only if the vehicle is a commercial vehicle or a pick-up truck registered as a passenger vehicle.

Registration Fee Estimation Results

Date: 09/22/2023

Estimated Registration Fee: $75.00

Lien Fees To Collect From The Lender: $0.00

Total Tax: $0

NYTAG Service Fee: $75

FedEx Shipping Label: $0

Total Fee Due: $150

The fee is estimated from the information you provided, which appears below. Different information or other conditions not included in this calculation can change the total of the fee. The new information can change the amount of the fee that is collected at a DMV office.

Registration Class:

Unladen Weight: (lbs)

Type of Fuel:

Number of Cylinders:

Number of Liens:

County of Residence:


Vehicle purchase price: $0

After market price: $0

Warranty contract price: $0

Shipping destination price: $0

Trade in total number: $0

Tax Rate: 0%

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